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Dr. Hana Pasavcic, university of Zagreb

Challenges in Implementing Sono-Electrocoagulation for Oil Removal in Industrial Plants

Matthias Corion, KU Leuven

Future Hatcheries: Seamless Integration of In Ovo Sexing with vis-NIR Spectroscopy for Enhanced Chick Sexing Efficiency and Ethical Practices

Actively used by leading academics and practitoners all over the world

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Our AI agent Aya converts the challenges your organisation faces into research specific questions across all disciplines and brings you back the answers from the academics.

Enhance your organisation's efficiency and performance with Boff's modular AI features

AI functionalitions that have a human expert ensuring they’re effective, safe and aligned

Get answers to your most pressing R&D from leading academics.

Leverage LLM's to streamline fragmented tasks such as translations and technical documentation.

Benefit from the latest techniques and processes ranging from imaging to clinical trials.

Get tailored policy recommendations from policy and subject matter experts.

A customised AI for your organisation

A customised AI for your organisation

A customised AI for your organisation

A customised AI for your organisation

Integrates with market leaders in LLM’s

Constantly updated with the latest AI developments

Build a customised reasoning dataset to bring AGI to the world

Train or finetune your LLM model using a specialist dataset that we produce for your from expert Q+A.

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Our model is to make your research impactful by uncovering every possible area of the world that it can benefit. By processing endless conversations with academics, professionals across industry and policymakers, our AI identifies areas of oppotunity for your reseach to solve a problem. We then ask you a relevant question and share your insights with only the most relevant people. 

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Helen King
Director of Transformation, SAGE
This is one of the best tools I have heard is fantastic for us as practicing academic and clinicians to leverage AI to contribute more broadly. I am truly grateful.
Dr A. Boggio
Faulty of medicine, Milan

Frequently asked questions

Yes, our academic platform is open access and free. We also produce open source datasets for the AI community to use for free.

We are a for profit business. We sell a customised AI back office solution to enterprises of all sizes.

You will soon be able to provide us with your contact details so that we can begin understanding more about your research and begin identifying opportunities for it. We communicate directly with you as our interface is direct conversation via email and other methods.

We are in constant dialogue with professionals, academics, NGO’s, policymakers and members of the public. Through these conversations and using our back office suite, our AI identifies opportunities for every single reseach paper. It then constructs research specific questions to the author, whose answer is important to a particular user group. We then deliver these answers through chat.

Unlike traditional methods that expect you to generate your own impact beyond the publication, we make sure the right people discover your work in the most organic way possible – direct conversation. This means that we are in a constant state of testing to see who your work can help.  

We stand apart from other solutions by ensuring there is not just a human in the loop when it comes to your AI processes, but an expert one. Through the initial free consultation, we identify which of our modular functions suits your use case. We then customise a solution for you, which continues to be upgraded so that you capture the latest advancements in AI and become more efficient.

As we are specialists at generating high quality reasoning datasets through the academic Q&A, we are able to extend this to curate training data for each LLM. By creating sophisticated datasets across any niche, we support these providers as they edge closer to AGI.

Boff AI blogs

While the debate continues a year later on whether LLM's like ChatGPT have a role to play as authors of scientific papers, there is a use case for AI in academia that is needed by everyone.
If all you hear is doom and gloom or overoptimism when it comes to AI, adopting it as an outsider in your organisation might feel overwhelming. But it doesn't need to be this way.
Can you imagine a world where research isn't a bottomless pit of repositories and search tools. Ladies and gents, that time has come!